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Manufacturer: Harrington & Richardson Model: Vest Pocket .32 Safety Hammer Serial Number: 517719 Barrel Length: 1 3/8 inch Condition: Excellent Metal Condition: Excellent Bore Condition: Excellent Action: DA/SA Finish: Blued Sights: Fixed Item Location: Mn16 GAUGE HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON TOPPER 88 SINGLE SHOT SHOTGUN. Description: sale pending michael -THIS H&R SHOTGUN IS A TOPPER 88 MODEL. IT IS BREAK ACTION SINGLE SHOT SERIAL # AU403473. IT IS CHAMBERED FOR 16 GAUGE 2 3/4" SHELLS AND HAS A 27 1/2" MODIFIED BARREL. IN EXCELLENT MECHANICAL SHAPE. IT HAS HAD SOME LIGHT RUSTING ON THE BARREL THAT ...<Author’s last name>, <Initials> <year of publication>. <Content title>; Ontario Geological Survey, <Content publication series and number>. Use and Reproduction of Content: The EIP and the ...Topper Deluxe Classic. Introduced in 2004. This 12-gauge 3" single-shot gun fitted with 28" ventilated rib barrel and screw-in Modified choke. American black walnut stock, with pistol-grip and ventilated recoil pad. Barrel has black finish while receiver nickel finish. Weight about 5.5 lbs. In 2005, offered in 20-gauge. Introduced in 2004. This ...The information on the top of the barrel appears to be stamped Harrington and Richardson Worchester Mass. USA. The rest of the info is illegible. On the left side of the butt under the grip it appears to have 582 stamped in it. Under the top where the break latch is, it appears to have 392 stamped into it. The barrel is approximately 3 inches long.Serial number 4504. - Available at 2010 December Dallas Signature... Harrington & Richardson Centennial 1871-1971 Model 1873 Trapdoor Rifle. Cal. .45-70. Serial number 4504. ... Typing our address directly into a map search may misdirect you. 877-HERITAGE (437-4824) (214) 528-3500 Fax: (214) 409-1425. Heritage Offices.Decoding H&R serial numbers is not easy and it takes up quite a bit of the H&R book as different models usually have separate serial number series. Generally speaking, there were three types of serial number series. Pre-1905 (1904 and before) which were more like batch numbers and usually ran from 1 to 99,999.Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Worcester, Mass U.S.A. PAT Oct. 8 1895 The serial number located on the bottom of the handle is six numbers and begins with 4022XX. Thanks in advance for any information you can supply. I'll try to upload a couple pictures if I can.4. Bottom of Top strap: Serial Number, this is the location that will have a letter code usually on model manufactured between 1890 and 1905/06. (A22326) 7. Left side of grip strap at bottom: Serial Number 1890-1906 (grips must be removed to see). (2326) Please let me know if you need anything else. I can add pictures if needed. Thank you.Harrington and Richardson Model 686 - 22 Mag. Description: Harrington and Richardson; model 686; SN AX046858; 22 mag. cal.; 7½ inch bbl; made 1980-1986; most of the original finish present with light freckling; perfect grips, action, and bore; antique, FFL; from my own personal collection; All items shipped fully insured Priority Mail- -Hand guns $30 --Long guns $45-- Spurs $30-- Knives ...the value of a model 999 sportsman form this era could be as much as $425 (100% of original finish and like new in the box). a model 999 from this era that has been refurbished has 0% of originial finish and then the value is only as a shooter and would be about $200 to $250 depending on the quality of refurbishing. bill".5,278,245. -. Welcome to! If you are like me, owning an M1 Garand goes a lot deeper than just owning a firearm. It is about owning a piece of history that protected our freedoms and won a world war. Deemed the greatest single battle implement ever devised by man...I have a Harrington Richardson double barrel side by side made in Brazil 12ga 3". It says Amadro Rossi S.A.5 LeoPoldo This also has several other numbers on diff. parts /main stock area breach is = No PG D5778. For arm grip stamped 7390 wood part and barrel as well. Also there is a circle with a FLC and 7390 beside it.These are the second letter of the serial number. The first letter designates either a H&R (H) model or a NEF (N) model. K=1996 L=1997 M=1998 N=1999 P=2000 R=2001 S=2002 T=2003 U=2004 V=2005 HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON SERIALIZATION 1940-1982 Year starting S.N. Prefix 1940 A 1941 B 1942 C 1943 D 1944 E 1945 F 1946 G 1947 H 1948 I 1949 J16 GAUGE HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON TOPPER 88 SINGLE SHOT SHOTGUN. Description: sale pending michael -THIS H&R SHOTGUN IS A TOPPER 88 MODEL. IT IS BREAK ACTION SINGLE SHOT SERIAL # AU403473. IT IS CHAMBERED FOR 16 GAUGE 2 3/4" SHELLS AND HAS A 27 1/2" MODIFIED BARREL. IN EXCELLENT MECHANICAL SHAPE. IT HAS HAD SOME LIGHT RUSTING ON THE BARREL THAT ...410-12mm = 1922 - 1936 (Includes Number 5 Standard Model) 410 = 1937 - 1941 (This model is the only pre-war single shot chambered for the 3" shell). Known as the fourth variation. As mentioned in my first post my gun has 410 on the top of the barrel making it a 3" gun. Value 100 percent = $365. 60 percent = $155.Location: Spearfish, SD. Scott Duff's book "The M1 Garand Serial Numbers and Data Sheets" shows H&R 5488548 having a barrel date of 7/54, 496827 with a 6/54 barrel. The lowest 6/54 barrel is 4746788 and the highest 7/54 barrel is 5500394. My guess is that your rifle was probably assembled in mid-1954. Chuck.209 posts · Joined 2020. #2 · Mar 18, 2020. It looks a lot like a Model 3 Variation 3 "Police Automatic" with "Target Grip" stocks. This per H&R ARMS COMPANY 1871 - 1986. It further says 1913 - 1915 production dates. Values are all over the place. Post pics of the barrel markings and we'll see what else we can tell about it.Dec 7, 2007 · the H&R model 900 was manufactured between 1962 and 1973. H&R used the "AA" letter codes in 1964. the model 900 was a replacement for the model 922 but H&R discovered the extra milling for the snap-out cylinder cost as much as the milling for the swing-out cylinder models so the 900 was discontinued and the model 922 was put back into ...According to a list of manufacture dates identified by letters in the suffix or prefix of the serial number, the "A" prefix could place the year of manufacture at 1940. If this gun is one of the folding models (supposedly made in the 40s) it will probably have greater value than one of the standard guns. You might want to check other sources.Harrington & Richardson, located in Worcester, Massachusetts, was founded in 1871 by Gilbert H. Harrington, the inventor of the top-break revolver, and William A. Richardson. By 1876, H&R had become sufficiently established to be represented at the National Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, where the company exhibited 24 of its pistols.#2 · Feb 12, 2014 (Edited) Welcome to TFF, but think you mean Harrington & Richardson. The serial number on these is just a batch number and can't be used to date it. Here's …I just joined the forum and am wondering if anyone can tell me any information on this Revolver ie Date made, It is a Harrington & Richardson Auto Ejection 38 S & W Serial number is 247233 Left side Auto Ejection 38 S& W CTGE top marked Harrington & Richardson Arms Co Worcester Mass Patented August 6 1889 October 8 1895 Gun has a 5" barrelThe information on the top of the barrel appears to be stamped Harrington and Richardson Worchester Mass. USA. The rest of the info is illegible. On the left side of the butt under the grip it appears to have 582 stamped in it. Under the top where the break latch is, it appears to have 392 stamped into it. The barrel is approximately 3 inches long.I have a Harrington & Richardson top break revolver that I also inherited from my Grandfather. The site of the barrel is stamped 32 S&W CT&E. It has hard rubber grips with a target-with-5-bullet-holes emblem. On the bottom of the grip is what I assume to be the serial number 348339. The number 339 is stamped on the inside of the cylinder.A few examples of appraisal values for HARRINGTON AND RICHARDSON 32 Search our price guide for your own treasures ... Stevens . 22 Pistol, H&R . 32 Revolver, and a Pepperbox Pistol, c. 20th century, a Harrington & Richardson Model 2 revolver, serial number 107874, . 32 caliber, a J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. single-shot pistol, serial number ...knight0334. 788 posts · Joined 2012. #5 · Jan 20, 2014. ezrdr2390 said: I have a Harrington Richardson pistol with number 614 on the cylinder and 289614 on the barrel. Can someone tell me what it is and value, thank you. Serial numbers mean virtually nothing on pre-1940 H&R guns.Just purchased this H&R shotgun. It's a 12 gauge single shot break barrel, has no rifling. The barrel appears to be shorter than it should be. Barrel length is about 18 1/2 inches. Says HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS CO WORCESTERSHIRE, MASS USA PAT FEB 27, 1900 on left side of barrel. Serial number of A293837 is both on underside of stock and on ...Federal Bureau of Investigation. Data Source: National Museum of American History. Id Number: 1991.0854.068 Catalog Number: 1991.0854.068 Accession Number: 1991.0854 Serial Number: AR94021. Object Name: Revolverrevolver, centerfire Other Terms: Revolver; Firearms; Center Fire; .32 Inches. Physical Description: metal, steel (overall material ...Oct 2, 2018 · The CBA is after 2008 - to get a more exact date you would have to call H&R. There is a phone number listed but I can't say if it is still good or not. (866)776-9292. Dan. Dan - Handi's - 157 22 Hornet Mannlicher Stock, 157 30-30 Mannlicher stock, 45LC Buffalo Classic Carbine with 22K-Hornet and .357 Max Talo barrels, 45-70 Buffalo Classic, 204 ...Browse Search Ask. I have a H & R .410 "Handy Gun" single shot pistol. ... You have, what appears to be, a Model 2, Type III Handy gun made between 1927 and 1930. if you provide the serial number, I may be able to positively identify the model and type. Your specimen appears to be 90% or better. ... I have a harrington richardson 12 guage ...After '68 full serial numbers were required. But H&R had a date stamping prefix from 1940 until when Remington took over but didn't always put full serial numbers on their long guns prior to '68. That "AA" would be 1964. For proof - the 158 Topper was only made between 1962 and 1973. H&R Collector.The serial numbers for Bobcat equipment is placed in several different locations on different types of machines, according to Bobcat. The Operation and Maintenance manual for each ...535 posts · Joined 2011. #1 · Mar 3, 2012. I have recently purchased a Harrington and Richardson Model 158 Topper 12 gauge single shot. I was wanting to find out when it was made. I looked all over the internet and can't seem to find anything that tell me for sure. Serial number is AG6205***. Any help would be greatly appreciated. georgeg.This very popular .22 rf hand-gun was first introduced in the mid 1920's and remained in H&R's inventory with various changes up to 1986, when the doors to the factory were shuttered. It presented a tough, easy to use and maintain, lower cost .22 revolver to the public and the public ate them up.The serial numbers were now plainly visible, as well as the manufacturer information: HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON ARMS CO WORCESTER MASS USA PAT FEB 20 & 27 1900. How neat to learn that my great-great-grandfather’s shotgun was 115 years old!25,533. i have a harrington richardson 12 guage single shot model number 211177 was wondering how old this gun might be. is it a "Topper" or a "Pardner" or something else? H&R serial numbers are tricky. Prior to 1905, the serial numbers were batch numbers, and all of them were under 100,000... After 1905, each model had a unique series of ...The vast majority of Harrington & Richardson manufactured M1 rifles were assembled with HRA barrels. However, research indicates that H&R used LMR barrels, at least to a limited extent, throughout their entire production of the M1 rifle. ... However the next serial number range of 572xxxx through 579xxxx is an entirely different story. Based on ...Drilled and tapped receiver top. Overall length 48.125"; weight 7.5 lbs. for 12 gauge. 20 gauge has 26" barrels. 20-gauge Compact model has 21" barrel, 13" LOP. Protector model is 12 gauge black synthetic with 18.5" barrel, swivel studs, 7.5 lbs. Pump-action with steel receiver, double-action bars, cross-bolt safety, easy take-down. 12 ...The .32 S&W Long was introduced in 1896, 10 years after this revolver was made. H&R had their own version of the Long, but dropped it years later in favor of the more popular S&W Long. The old factory catalogs say that this revolver was chambered for .32 S&W and .32 C.F. Walk softly but carry.Advanced Search ... And I'm not sure about the "50" either.. Serial numbers weren't required before 1968, so that could be the serial number, or an inspector's number, some form of proof mark, etc. ... the H & R Small Bore Hammer Double was the only double barrel made by Harrington & Richardson during the first 60 years of the 20th Century. Thy ...H&R prefaced their serial numbers with a letter. If there is no serial number on the reciever, (near the mag release lever), then your gun is built before 1968 and is probably "early". ... "Search Manufacturers by Letter". Click on "H", then select Harrington & Richardson, then 865. Call them and have the part number and credit card ready ...There were lots (probably millions) of guns made between 1934 and 1968 that lacked serial numbers and the practice was perfectly legal. 2. It is possible I'm mistaken about this, but I'm pretty sure that Harrington & Richardson was one company that put serial numbers on all its guns from the very beginning. After all, the founders of the ......

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Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Personal Check, Money Order. HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON MODEL 732. Description: 3...

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3168 posts · Joined 2003. #2 · Aug 9, 2008 (Edited) the H&R Hammerless models were manu...

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To identify your Harrington and Richardson firearm, you will need to locate the serial number, usually found on ...

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M1: Harrington & Richardson was assigned serial number ranges 4660001 through 4800000, 5488247 through 5793847, and 400 rifles n...

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